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I can feel it now Unnoticed day by day But so apparent Year after year I see it in those around me Now I see it in the mirror It will happen to you I feel my bones turning to dust My melting skin Sphincters unravel Spilling guts A walking corpse Parasites take advantage of my weaknesses Wheezing, gasping towards the nectar of oxygen Blood slips out of whichever orifice it can I took this for granted I ruined it myself It went by so fast No turning back now
What a beautiful curse A terrible blessing Energy consuming machine Evolved to be conscious Ever persistent pain Pressured to continue The horrifying process of life Consume everything it can Consume, consume, consume, consume Until there’s nothing left Each moment filled with more agony A process that can't be stopped A process that must be experienced Ever reaching towards The pinnacle of terror
Can't stop this panic The anxiety builds inside my chest My insides feel like exploding I have no control There's no peace for me There's no peace for me
Push away from the wild Only to harbor its wrath Cultivating the land Blind to disease in our path We've poisoned our home To facilitate growth Now a plague will take hold Now we reap what we sow We reap what we sow Spires reach ever skyward Vines twisting with wires Cyclones of ocean and plastic Spiraling outward
(Lyrics stolen from Philip Larkin) And so it stays just on the edge of vision A small unfocused blur, a standing chill That slows each impulse down to indecision Most things may never happen This one will And the realisation rages out Rages out In furnace-fear Courage is no good Death is no different whined at than withstood Being brave Lets no one off the grave
The world is changing As it always is You’re too complacent So you forget You've seen this coming But you pushed it off Now the world's crashing And you're so shocked Everything dies It's just a matter of when What did you expect? Survival's a war Soon death will come knocking At your own door Life's so fragile You'll lose the ones you love Where's your god now? No hope from above Everything dies It's just a matter of when
Una vita in attesa del nulla Maledizione celeste Mangia l’anima Porta avanti l’inesorabile finale La notte arriva per fermarsi Si spegne il sole Inghiottito dall’oceano nero pece Continua l’attesa Dell’ovvio finale
Dopo una nuova era Rincomincia la realtà
All systems go !! The jail ship is flying high From the ground, to out of sight They pay their crimes, locked inside Where they go, the judge knows They did to many murders Then fell into the crater They made too many speeches Against what the people believe Getting the no limit sentence For them it's the last stop The treason made upon them Upset coz there's no way to return All systems go, blow the reactors But where do we go? We don't know! The prisoners, looking mad There's no color aboard this flight Computer station look them all Deep in the hole too many echoes The space jail center program Recorded, numbered, classified This bunch of desperate guys Changing to sub-rat humans And then in special cases You've gotta be quiet If you're not what they want They're gonna throw you out in space All systems go, blow the reactors But where do we go? We don't know! Cylindrical habitat modules Let me out of here, and I heard my name It's time they said! Forgotten in space! Dressed with a skin tight pressure suit Swimming in the universe It's the best place you can be It's the last place you will be It's boring to spend time In the jail with no gravity Suspended in nothingness Awaiting your own liberty Just one hour, not too much oxygen [Repeat x2] Hydrocarbonic smog, methane ice crystals Ultraviolet rays in the galaxy core Rotations and orbits of somebody Atoms and molecules through my body Just half an hour, not too much oxygen [Repeat x2] You're forgotten in space, in space!!


The original version of this album was rushed out to raise funds for those who have lost their jobs due to being quarantined against covid-19.
More than 400 dollars have been raised.

This is the official and final version and it comes with an extra track by Phobonoid (Voivod's ”Forgotten in Space” cover) and with a brand new mix of Mania’s side.
released March 20, 2020

Mania side:

Written, performed, and recorded by Nate Myers in Portland, Oregon, USA during February-August 2020.

Mixed by MSW in Austin, TX.

Mastered by Javi Flz at Moontower Studios.

This incarnation of hate inspired by the unstoppable virus, violent political rivalries, racist police, the uneducated and confused American populace, and of course, chaos and complexity.
Hail entropy!

Phobonoid side:

Written by Phobonoid during February 2020, except “Forgotten in Space” by Voivod.

Performed, recorded and mixed by Phobonoid during the first Covid-19 shutdown, March 2020.

Mastered by Javi Flz at Moontower Studios.

Scream on “Dopo una nuova era” by A.L.N.

Cover art by Svmmonivm


released March 20, 2020


all rights reserved



Eternal Warfare Records Portland, Oregon

ETERNAL WARFARE RECORDS has been publishing extreme black metal, doom metal, dark ambient, and dark acoustic music since late 2008. With over 50 releases, three music festivals, and countless show productions, E.W.R. has carved out an integral part of the Cascadian metal scene. Now located in Portland, OR. ... more

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