Reality Is The True Horror

by Mania

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Stephen Wilson
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Stephen Wilson I don't really know what to say other than this is one of my favorite black metal releases. Favorite track: No Escape.
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bcb723 I love when Mania just get fucking weird. Like first two tracks are scuzzy black metal, amped up & full on aggression. Then track 3 stops everything by becoming a sinister soundtrack of a circus music horrorshow which completely changes the feel and mood. What once was an aggressive, straight black metal record has now turned into something stranger and demanding of closer attention. That's what Mania records do: keep you on your toes and not waiting around to see if you can keep up. Fantastic. Favorite track: Where is God?.
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(Originally from S/t "Mania" 2010) Will we ever truly find our answer? Will all these clashing utopians ever rid us of this cancer? Our ancient civilization's not even at its peak You'll never uproot such deep seeds with forces so weak
Nucleus rips from its shell Genetic code unravels Insemination ceases Once and for all Law and lawlessness Lose meaning The moment We've been waiting for Finally arrives
Virion 03:23
Virion ejected Rigid capsule Floating, seeking Tentacles grasp Razor teeth Rip cell wall Ooze injected Twisted code Host machine Taken over Replicate Helpless Assembling Unstoppable Conveyor belt Capsules pile Compromised Bursting death Reproduction Culmination Realized
Hateful rhetoric spewed by Fanatic, uneducated, religious filth Breeding unnecessary violence The wheel spins eternally Our planet's a plane Spiraling down There's nothing You can do Buildings crumble Populations prepare For war Endless bombs fall down Necessities become scarcities Millions migrate Further fueling hate Desperate to escape Children's bodies wash Ashore Why?
Black 06:41
Reaching So desperate The colors have gone Only grey remains Always wanting, obsessing Within reach, but unobtainable Stained, caloused heart Only despondant Hate remains Take me to the start Want to feel again Feel anything but this pain, and emptiness It's never coming back Everlasting cold Winter of the mind Poisoned thoughts Desensitized A thousand layers of black Everlasting cold Winter of the mind Poisoned thoughts Desensitized A thousand layers of black
No Escape 05:58
(Originally from demo "The Death of Birth" 2007) Theres no fucking escape From this place that I hate I am shrouded in fear Of what next they will take We have no where to run We have no fucking home If we stay in this city They will take our freedom If you dont do what they say They will lock you away In their privatized cells As a modern day slave And the more that we breed We will satiate their greed Stay in line and infight They profit while we starve and die
No Future 07:56
(Originally from demo "The Death of Birth" 2007) I have no future I have no past All my ancestors Migrated for cash Murdered and raped They tortured, enslaved Razed, decimated, Left all they found To rot in a massive grave I have no culture I have no pride My species' future Is mass genocide I have no purpose I have no life All our beliefs Are fucking lies My life Is nothing


1st edition
Limited DIY cassettes available at live shows only
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released April 3, 2018

Written, arranged, performed, recorded, mixed, mastered by Nate Myers except:

Piano on "Where is God?" and "Endless State of Decay" by Nick Superchi
Violin on "Where is God?" and "Endless State of Decay" by Gina Eygenhuysen
Piano and Violin recorded by Josh Powell at the Map Room, Portland, OR
"Skull pile" art by Eric Stotik
Layout/design by D. Fried

"Getting Nowhere" originally from 2010 Self titled album "Mania"
"No Escape" and "No Future" originally from 2007 demo "The Death of Birth"


all rights reserved



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